In yet another Twist to the court case involving Advocate Thabani Mpofu, Prophet Advocate Joshua has been summoned to present himself before Detective Chief Inspector Mazhawidza at 8am this morning.

This is the second lawyer to be arrested in connection with the case after Choice Damiso was arrested on the 6th of June 2020.

Other developments 

Yesterday a man who claimed to be Simbarashe Zuze issued a video statement confirming his identity as a real person.

Zuze is the man who filed the court case before the constitutional court and whose identity is being questioned by the Zimbabwe police. 


The constitutional court case filed by Thabani Mpofu was dismissed because Zuze’s identity could not be established.

A second case was then filed before the same court but with a different applicant : Prophet Advocate Joshua – Joshua Chirambwe .

This is the case that has led to the arrest of Adv Thabani Mpofu as the state is arguing that this case was a duplicate of the first case but with  different applicant.

Judgement in the second case has still. Not been delivered and it now appears that powerful figures in Zimbabwe do not want the judgement to be delivered.