Gogo Mavhura has exposed Church Leaders who  publicly discriminate    traditional healers but secretly consult them when faced with trouble.

Speaking to 263chat, Mbuya Mavhu said traditional healing is the root of every Zimbabwean therefore people should uphold it instead of discriminating.

Although she did not give out names, Mbuya Mavhu said some leaders of great churches in Zimbabwe consult traditional healers for strengthening.

She said Christians only practise christianity because they want to cover up bad deeds.

Mbuya Mavhu added that christianity was a colonisation tool by the whites meant to soften Africans as the whites penetrate their land.

She added that Jesus is an ancestral spirit for the whites therefore Zimbabweans should respect and honor their own ancestors like Sekuru Kaguvi and Mbuya Nehanda.

Moreover she said nothing is achieved through prayer other than poverty because most of the time is wasted praying instead of working.