Zimbabwe is now a gangsters paradise as suspected soldiers were involved in Harare armed robberies during which over US$500 000 was stolen, since December 2019.

This week, the Zimbabwe National Army was forced to issue a statement disowning a soldier who was involved in an armed robbery last week after he appeared in court.

The young soldiers revealed during his arrest that he was a serving soldier.

It is suspected that hungry young soldiers are robbing businesses of cash to supplement their low salaries.

At present, there are 6 Armed robbers that are unaccounted for in Harare alone, who use AK47s rifles during robberies.

Gambakwe Media sources have previously revealed that these are serving soldiers.

Recent Robbery cases Since August

РDecember 20 РUS$160 000  Wessel Shop in Msasa ( 9 Armed Robbers)
РFebruary 5 РUS$19 000, Makoni Shopping Centre, Chitungwiza  ( 9 Armed Robbers)
РFebruary 26,  US$267 000, Central Business District ( 9 Armed Robbers)
– 28 April, US60 000, Luke Kwezera CBD ( 9 Robbers Wearing Police Uniforms and Buttons)
– March , US 30 000, Norton ( 8 Gang Members – AK47s used)
– March 29, US21 000, Musa Phiri Home
– 18 April, US 100 000, Pearson Mabhaudhi
– April, $100 000, Mashwede Holdings ( 9 Armed Robbers)
– May 20, US50 000, Chari, Family Home ( 9 Armed Robbers)

Arrests and Shootouts

It is possible that the 5 people who were recently killed and those arrested in a shootout with detectives are not the masterminds of robberies. None of the robbers who were killed or arrested were carrying AK47s.

Currently, 6 Armed robbers are being sought by police and it is likely that these are soldiers.

In Conclusion

Conditions of service need to be improved among junior soldiers as they will continue to be tempted to join gangs that are involved in robberies.

The large sums of money being stolen could end up being used to fund operations against the government.

The safety of business people is also being threatened and this will affect the image of the country.