Zimbabweans Should Not Work In South Africa Without Documentation – Brian Mubvumbi

Democracy Restoration Party President, Brian Mubvumbi has asked Zimbabweans in South Africa to regukarise their documents after the lockdown ends.

Mubvumbi said South African politicians are now under pressure to close any loopholes as the South African unemployment rate continues to climb.

This follows statements by SA Finance Minister Tito Mboweni on Friday who said South Africa needs to rethink the structure of its economy and ensure locals are favored for jobs and other economic opportunities.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Mboweni said almost 100% of employees in restaurants are non-South African.

Mboweni said, restaurants and other businesses should be compelled to ensure that more than half of their staff are South African.

“The proportion of South Africans working in a restaurant must be greater than that of non-South Africans. There must not be discrimination against non-South Africans.”

The minister said in 1990 when he returned from exile, eight out of ten workers were South Africans while only two were foreigners.

He added that an establishment wanting to reopen after Covid-19 must have new labour policies prioritising locals.

“People who want to approach banks or government for funding must demonstrate that they do have a labor market and employment policy that favors South Africans,” Mboweni said.

He said there is nothing xenophobic by prioritizing citizens and assisting other Africans to strengthen their democracies,economies and having strong bilateral ties.