Ecobank Must Leave Zimbabwe – Dr Clarence

Dr Clarence Accuses Ecobank of Satanism

Dr Clarence of TV7 live has demanded for the withdrawal of Ecobank services in Zimbabwe after accussing the bank of Satanism.

He said the bank is pushing for depopulation agendas through fiscal castration of Africans.

Clarence said he confronted Ecobank over a picture they posted on Facebook of a African man putting on a skirt and a crown captioned ‘Break the boredom’ however they have removed the post.

He said the post from the pan African Bank exposes the true intentions of the bank while symbolising the castration of alpha males both financially and emotionally.

He said the devil(lucifer) is the master of disguise, he frustrates you, dehumanises and kills people’s spirits.

He said the bank is indulging in the temporary theft of funds to frustrate people which will eventually lead to hunger, people will divorce and many won’t afford medication leading to depopulation.

Clarence said only those who sold their self to the devil will benefit the most from the effects of Covid-19.

Dr Clarence has called for every Zimbabwean to unite against the bank and force it out of the country.