SHOCKING PROPHECY : Something Bad To Happen To ED Mnangagwa

Prophet Ian Genesis the leader of Charisma Ministries International Church prophesied that Zimbabweans should pray for President ED Mnangagwa as something bad is going to happen to him.

Prophet Genesis is a Zambian whose church is headquartered in Lusaka.

In a vision, the man of God said he saw something befall Zimbabwe however, it had a detrimental impact on the president of the country.

In a post about Zimbabwe dated 28 March 2020, the Prophet urged Zimbabwe to pray hard.

He said people should pray for Mnangagwa because if anything happens to him Zimbabwe is back to Square one.

In relation to the epidemic, Prophet Ian Genesis said that the virus was gone but in the spiritual realm.

He was in support of the controversial prophecy which trended on social media made by Prophet TB Joshua stating that the virus will disappear on the 27th of March.

In addition he spoke of the declining numbers of infections, this was dated 22 March 2020:

“The disease and death will increase more but the world will be declared safe only after 8th April,which is approximately 14-days from today. This is the time it will take to safely say it is well”.

He said:”After the corona virus China will become the new superpower financially”.

He added that, Zambia will record a few cases compared to the rest of world while South Africa has to be kept in constant prayer.