Gono to take over if General Chiwenga is Too Sick After Mnangagwa – Spotlight Zimbabwe

General Chiwenga met Gideon Gono outside Zimbabwe

A few moths ago, I was in a certain place in Johannesburg. I was meeting someone at their place of residence.

I sat at one of the waiting areas for over an hour and then decided to stretch my legs, So I stood up to walk into one of the bathrooms.

On my way out of the bathroom, I suddenly found myself face to face with none other than Gideon Gono!

Hello Brother, I said to him in Shona. I could see blood leaving his face!

Instead of answering my greeting, he just politely asked me:

What are you doing here?

I explained to him that I was there to meet someone.

Over the next few days, I saw him again a number of times.

It was clear to me that Gono was not on holiday. He is someone who was coming from work. He was looking healthy, but had lost a lot of weight compared to the last time I saw him.

So, the next time I talked to my sources in military intelligence, I asked about him. What is Gono doing these days.

At that time, my sources told me that Gono is one of the most important players in Zimbabwe ‘s future!

Specifically, they said Gono has access to key resources and people and I should not underestimate him based on what I had seen.

So Why Am I telling you this story now?

Spotlight Zimbabwe Reported today that Gideon Gono is likely to become Zimbabwe President if General Chiwenga becomes too ill after he takes over.

According to today’s report, titled ‘Mugabe told Gono To Tell Chiwenga that Mnangagwa Was A rocking bomb for Zimbabwe’, which was written by Mary Kate Kahari, Gono was sent to deliver a message to General Chiwenga by Mugabe in January 2018.

Mugabe warned Chiwenga about Mnangagwa and advised him on how to outsmart him.

Gono is said to have met with General Chiwenga outside Zimbabwe to deliver the message.

What are my thoughts

My view on this is that indeed General Chiwenga and ED Mnangagwa are involved in a serious fight. ED Mnangagwa currently has the upper hand because of General Chiwenga ‘s I’ll health.

General Chiwenga also lacks a strong political team within ZANU PF that can push out ED Mnangagwa.

The only two options left for General Chiwenga is to either eliminate ED Mnangagwa or presssure him to take a retirement package.

Key players in the next few years will be Gideon Gono, Grace Mugabe and other G40 members.

However, as I said before, this is going to become a tribal affair pitting Mnangagwa ‘s Karangas /Shumbas vs Chiwenga’ s Zezurus.

Which ever side takes over will have to totally eliminate the other for it to be safe.

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