Christ TV,AA YouTube Channel linked to Prophet Makandiwa, yesterday said in a commentary that Prophet Makandiwa identified Norolon (Cloroquine) as the cure for Coronavirus before anybody else.

The channel said during a Sunday Service on the 20th of February 2020 Emmanuel Makandiwa announced to his congregants that it’s only the man of God that can be a medication to the nation.

In trying to illustrate what he meant, he said “Giving Doctors An Opportunity , they would ask the man of God what the medication of the virus is. He said it is as good as asking the Norolon tablet what the cure of the Malaria is.

He directly highlighted that Doctors were not able to stop what they had not seen in the first place and it would only take humbleness to ask the man of God to avail the treatment to what he had seen.

It is not by chance that Zimbabwe did not record many cases of the deadly pandemic,  it is because the tablet to the disease resides in the country.  Zimbabwe should be grateful to have such an open eye that sees tragedy before it strikes.