WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at reports that SADC has written a letter to Zimbabwe opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa after Chamisa declared a dispute of Mnangagwa being the Chairperson of SADC while there is a SADC report that says Mnangagwa rigged the elections.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. Chamisa wrote another letter to SADC last week explaining that Mnangagwa can not be SAD chairman before the election dispute in Zimbabwe is resolved.
2. SADC has advised Chamisa that the matter has now been taken up again with the relevant SADC structures. SADC wrote a letter to Chamisa this week (29 April 2024)
3. Chamisa would like a dialogue to take place, leading to fresh elections, He is open to a negotiated solution.
4. 5. Mnangagwa’s Security Director, Madzibaba Ezekiel Tobias Chaunoita was a member of the Johanne Masowe We Chishanu.
5. He will be buried tomorrow at the National Heroes acre.
6. He was a bodyguard for the late Josiah Tongogara.
7. He left behin13 wives, 69 Children and over 100 grandchildren.
8. Chaunoita was born in Gutu on 1 June 2058.
9. Mnangagwa in Kenya for a useless soil and fertilizer conference.
10. Mnangagwa’s trips are meant to gain acceptance as the legitimate leader of Zimbabwe.
11. 13. Neville Mutsvangwa arrested over Starlink and forex deals.
12. Christopher Mutsvangwa is extremely wealthy with multiple properties and businesses in South Africa, USA and China.
13. Mutsvangwa responsible for most deals with investors in ZANU-PF
14. Higher denomination ZIG notes have still not been released on the market.
15. The current ZIG exchange rate is fake, based on engineered scarcity.
16. Mthuli Ncube shocked by the different exchange rates in the market.
17. Market determined rate under threat
18. Passion Java’s event cancelled after no one showed up.
19. Dr Moses Chundu advises Zimbabwe authorities to focus on obtaining consensus for sustainable adoption of the ZIG.
20. market is refusing to accept the ZIG as it is a fake currency.
21. ZACC ordered to release Wadyadyena’s 25 trucks and cars that were seized in 2022.
22. Wadyajena, Pius Manamike, maxmore njanji, Foryune Maloi and Chiedza Danha were removed from remand.
23. 14 year old Nomfundo Palesa Khumalo died on April 25 after being poisoned at Pinnacle College in Midrand, and being in a coma for over 17 days.
24. Nomfundo was set to travel to the USA in August and Switzerland in September for Netball trials. She was also set to tour the Kennedy Space Centre.


1. Chamisa now focused on dialogue, while Mnangagwa is playing hardball.
2. The next step is demonstration at SADC.
3. Chamisa correct to say SADC can not condemn and condone a process at the same time.