Apostle Chiwenga: Nelson Chamisa Must Comply With Supreme Court Ruling

Chamisa must not try to dispute what the court has ruled because given the situation at the Zimbabwe courts the rule of law will always apply. Considering how his case in the presidential elections was ruled, Chamisa by now should know better what the courts can offer him.

Extraordinary congress

Nelson Chamisa should allow the process of the extraordinary Congress to take place as per the party’s constitution. If the people want him in the office as their President then they will vote for him. He should allow their votes to decide so that he knows the true position of every MDC member.

Watch out for court jesters

As prophecies earlier by Apostle Chiwenga, Chamisa should watch out for court jesters. The people who are around him are not for him and can be manipulated by the courts and can vow against Chamisa the same way they did in the last presidential election results.

Chamisa has to determine who is on his side
Before moving forward Chamisa has to determine who is on his side because many of his MPs are enjoying the benefits they are getting from being MPs and may not follow him in the steps and decisions he will take.

Chamisa should form his own party.
Considering how he managed to gain voter confidence in less than a year, it’s a sure sign that if starts his own thing those who love him shall surely follow him