Connor Reed, a British man who worked at a school in Wuhan talks about how it felt to have the Covid-19 Corona virus.

Reed said the virus happens in three different stages,you get better before you get worse. In his first stage, he got a cold, a common cold with stuffy nose, air problems, he had sinus problem.

When he was getting better he was hit with flue. He said he has had dozens of flue but that particular one was the worst but it wasn’t life threatening, but it was terrible. He was stuck in bed and was generally feeling unwell, and when he was feeling better, he was hit by pneumonia and that’s the time he went to hospital.

He said with pneumonia, he felt like he had 20%of his lungs working, he couldn’t take a full breath like he needed was sounding like he was breathing through back, th breath was crocky and it could be serious. But because he is not a heavy drinker and does not smoke, it was scary because a breath is vital for life, so if you can’t breathe u can’t have life.

Reed said he has been on isolation for over 40 days. He said he is never felt bored while on isolation. He was always glue on his phone. He said that he does not meet face to face, with many people being in the same boat normally the City is always vibrant. At the moment there’s nothing like that, the streets are deserted. If you see someone, they will be wearing a mask and they are going to do something and straight back home.

Mental wise, he said we are in the same boat, there’s nothing we can do, it is what it is, very soon it will be gone, we will get over it.

Reed said back in the UK, the government will handle that. He believes that if the infection rates increase the government will implement measures because people will have discomfort just to everybody else.

He said if one happens to be isolated they should have a lot of things to keep them entertained. People should not panic, they should not go out.