Chido Mashingaidze’s was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 24.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that causes a lot of excruciating pelvic pain and an abnormal grows in or out of the uterus.

When she was diagnosed with the illness, she accepted her situation, she was better off knowing than staying in the dark. She started feeling pain such that she had to take 20 pain stops to suppress the pain. She wished she could take more but was afraid of overdosing.

She went to visit the doctor because of the pain and the doctor told her that she was stressed because of the exams.

Mashingaidze said, if one is feeling sick, they should listen to their bodies because some doctors will not be knowing what you are going through.

She went to another doctor who told her that she had signs of epilepsy and brain tumor when he examined her. She was devastated that she had to call her mother who booked a flight for her to come home.

When she got back home she was taken for tests and was put on meds, some of them made her drowsy. This affected her lifestyle because she became angry and her character changed, she was a bubbly person before the illness.

In 2019 she went home to concentrate on her health. She worked on herself, her relationship with her God improved, she dumped her boyfriend.

Mashingaidze encouraged those living with illnesses to stay positive and not to mop over the illness because what has happened will not change.