The late Pathologist, biochemist and naturalist Dr Sebi talked about how people get sick.

Sebi said he wants to dismiss the myth that this and that can’t be cured.

‘Why do we get sick, the body was designed not to get sick. Animals don’t get sick. There’ s been a violation and people get stressed until they die,’said Sebi.

He said the way Africans are living in the jungle they are called organic. Everything is about organic.

The organic family eat electric food.

Sebi said many people get sick because of the virus bacteria. Why do we manage waste, that’s why we get sick.

Foods were created differently for Africans and Europeans, for example due to locations. Africans have adopted western foods, the diet which does not match their environment hence they end up getting sick.

Africans have been violated through the change of diet leading to pain and anxiety. There is need to change diet because the diet of Africans does not contain African food.