Award winning Zimbabwean musician and daughter of the late legend Oliver Mutukudzi took to social media to honor her mother, by describing her as her pillar of strength.

Mary Murape was the first wife of the late Oliver Mutukudzi and they had two daughters together. They got married in 1979 and divorced in 1993. Mutukudzi died on 23 January 2019.

Accompanied by a photo of herself and her mother, she wrote,

‘Having gone through her divorce and losing both her parents, my mom’ s was left with a difficult task to take care of us, her children, her nieces and nephews. She started selling vegetables pamsika, but for some reason zvavo zvaisatengwa (her stuff was never bought). She even went to the Avenues knocking on doors mumaflats asking to do washing and cleaning for the people ‘.

She said she remembers, her mother would come home with blisters on her knees from kneeling down wiping people’s houses, but also did not last long. Despite not having much education her mom got a job at Standard Chartered Bank to capture data. She was a fast learner and was very good with her hands, she quickly became boss’s favorite.

Mai Mutukudzi, they would call her. She said their lives changed for the better after that through all those difficult times when they used to go to bed hungry, but her mother made sure they were all fed.

Mutukudzi’s mother is now retired and her daughter said she’s praying that God blesses her enough to repay her mother well enough some day. She wished her a happy women’s day.

To all the women, Zekey wished them a good day and encouraged them to love themselves, keep working hard and to always have their sister back.