Polu Onke a presenter, lover of music, traveller was heading to Maputo to explore all that she had heard about that city.

From Lagos there are no direct flights to Maputo, one needs US$850 to travel there.

As Polu and her crew made their way to through the airport in Maputo, she kept thinking of what they would find on the other side.

A driver took them to the nearest hotel Polana where they going to be staying. The place was beautiful.

The Mozambique currency is called Meticals.

Polu later met with Elina with Elina who told all that she wanted to know about Maputo.

From Elina, she went to see the Sambora Mashell stature. Sambora Mashell was the first president of Mozambique from 1975-1986.

Later Polu and her crew went to meet fashion designers, Elly and Nelsa Guambe who told Polu about life in Maputo.

She also met Taibo Bacar who works in the fashion industry, he a3spoke about life in Maputo.

Polu was itching to go to see the Island, so she used the Dana tours to go there. It was a drive of 1 hour 45 minutes to Yaka Island.

Polu’s trip to Maputo was quite an expirience as she saw nice beautiful places around the city.