Matshetshe school project in UMzingwane has flourished, thanks to Grace water and the Matshetshe community.

Last year Gracewater wanted to drill a well for the school but unfortunately it was to dry.

This year, Gracewater went back to Matshetshe and drilled at a different place and managed to get water.

The school now has water which is now a great help to the school and the community,because before they used to walk 4km to get water to drink.

The school now has water to drink, wash their hands and water for the toilets. The school has also started a project of gardening with the community, where they have vegetable beds for the school and vegetable beds for the community.

The community used to use buckets to water their gardens, but now they are using a hose pipe that was given to them by Gracewater.

Gracewater has also stationery for the school.

Donors and supporters have made the Matshetshe school project successful.