Zimbabwe Army Generals fear that a coup could happen anytime in Zimbabwe, this was revealed by exiled and powerful Zimbabwe Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo this week.

As a result, army generals are now reportedly sleeping at Tongogara Barracks (Formerly KGIV) .

Moyo has been revealing many secrets in recent months, including a coup that he says was foiled in November 2019.

This week, Moyo gave more details about the coup after hinting that February will be a special month in Zimbabwe ( November in February).

Moyo explained that he did not say a coup will happen in February, but that the  combination of events are now in place for Mnangagwa’s departure.


Moyo is powerful and highly connected across the political divide. Moyo wrote the book Excelgate ( In which he shows how ZEC rigged the Presidential elections) and campaigned for Chamisa in 2018.

In a 21 tweets thread on 29 February 2020, Moyo revealed how politicians from virtually all political parties in Zimbabwe flocked to his Kenyan base to seek resources for the 2018 Campaign resources.

Political Parties that were mentioned by Moyo include Mai Mujuru’s NPF and  Thokozani Khuphe’s MDC-T.  Moyo can therefore be seen as having the necessary informers to know when something as secretive as a coup is about to take place.

Spotlight Zimbabwe Interview Key Points

1. Mnangagwa is not Presidential Material
2. Mnangagwa’s coup did not come with broad based support from the Army, ZANU-PF or Country
3. Mnangagwa is not popular in the middle and lower ranks of the Military
4. The consequence of any new Zimbabwe coup is that the AU and SADC will suspend the country for a short period for the military to bring about constitutionality and this will not be difficult to achieve.
5. A Coup is possible but not likely, as Generals are aware of it.
6. Chiwenga has a short temper (Forgot to leave his gun at the Barracks)
7. Mnangagwa and Valerio Sibanda are directly accountable for the atrocities committed by the Army on 1 August 2018 and 14 to 28 January 2019, Chiwenga has collateral association with those atrocities, which he has never condemned or distanced himself from.

Mnangagwa Removal

Mnangawa will be removed through two scenarios

1. First, there’s the possibility of a palace coup which would have the semblance of a state house resignation produced by a negotiated deal whose package would include a two-digit multimillion United States dollars, immunity from prosecution and a presidential status that includes a modest motorcade
2. A popular revolution through which the people will take to the streets and demand change.

If people take to the streets, Chiwenga should play the role of kingmaker.


Moyo is suggesting a transitional role for Chiwenga!