10. Nyongo society in Cameroon

A group of witches that are believed believed to be practicing along with the northern part of the country.

9. Urogi/Wachawi in Tanzania

Witch doctors, traditional healers, traditional medicine maine.

Witch craft in Tanzania has become a big issue, witch doctors are targeting albinos.

8. Abarogi /Night runners in Kenya

Running at night naked, making chants and traditional dances. They are seeking government recognition to practice their traditions in peace.

7. Inyanga in South Africa

Traditional healers, these practitioners perform spiritual and physical healing.

6. Marabouts in Ghana

Recent times in Ghana.

Witches face prosecution and women have been banned to live in segregated camps on suspicions of witchcraft.

5. Kindoki in Congo

Recent times have been under scrutiny for it being responsible for child abandonment and ritual abused in the country.

4. Sangoma in Malawi

Traditional healers are known for healing spiritual social disharmony and physical illnesses.

They work in traditional healing huts know as Indumbas where they believe their ancestors reside.

3. Nkondi in Congo

Witchcraft choose to perform physical harm or cause sickness, misfortunes among other people.

2. Juju in Nigeria

Juju is used to make off contact love portions, or cursing enemies or rivals.

1. Voodoo in Benini

Benini is the home of voodoo, practiced by 40% of witchcraft. It is more than a belief system.