The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is inviting new players to apply for broadcasting licences.

A general notice released by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe reads: “In terms of Section 10 of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06], the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe hereby invites applications for licences to provide the following:

  • Free-to-air national commercial television broadcasting services,
  • free-to-air community radio broadcasting services and community radio stations.

Six television licences covering all parts of the country, 10 radio stations covering various local communities and 19 campus radio stations covering a five-kilometre radius will be issued out.

The invitation for applications for new broadcasting licences comes at a time the Government is  trying to democratize the media industry.

The application fee for television licences is pegged at $42 500 while public inquiry fee for the same category is $127 500 with licensing fee per annum pegged at $306 000.

For community radios application fee is pegged at $8 500 while licence fee per annum is $17 000

Campus radios have been reserved for students in universities and colleges.