In a stranger than fiction drama, Gambakwe Media Sources revealed this week that the most prominent Mozambican prophet, Prophet Joe Williams, has been arrested in is now languishing in a maximum security Security prison.

His arrest follows the kidnapping and attempted murder of a popular Mozambican popular YouTuber, Arsenio Amos, popularly known as Beleza.

Prophet Joel Williams is known for flashing his wealth including counting banknotes in front of his congregation like a rapper. Among some of his belongings are expensive cars and a plane.

Going by the name Prophet Joe Williams, the controversial prophet drives expensive cars and claims to be the spiritual son of Prophet Emmanuel Makandaiwa.


The Flamboyant prophet came into the spotlight after Mozambican authorities denied his church registration after questioning his theology diploma. However Prophet Williams was able to finally get his church registered after gathering 500 signatures thereby bypassing the requirement to have a Theology diploma.

Prophet Joe Williams has been exposed by our sources as Tawanda Chomusora, a Zimbabwean national who has been posing as a US citizen.

Our sources claim that Tawanda Chomusora is a graduate of Trinity Bible College in Harare. Trinity Bible College was banned in Zimbabwe after failing to meet the requirements of the authorities to operate as a Bible College.


Youtuber Beleza Em Pessoa fears for his safety after being kidnapped by “prophetic” orders by “Free Lancers” in Mapjuto on the orders of Prophet Joe Williams.

Beleza was kidnapped but managed to record Prophet Joe Williams talking to the kidnappers while taking him to the spot where they were going to kill him.

Beleza has published many critical videos about Prophet Joel Williams inclusing his extravagant lifestyle.