Gambakwe Media today exclusively reveal pictures of the car that got Genius Kadungure, Ginimbi, Locked up in Zimbabwe .

The car is a new Bentley Mulsanne worth at least $2 Million. For comparison purposes, a used 2017 Bentley Mulsanne costs R8 Million in South Africa.

Our sources reveal that Ginimbi imported the car a month ago and the car did not as yet have number plates.

Ginimbi was arrested on Tuesday evening for failing to pay import duty on the Bentley.

Ginimbi gets of a Prison truck

The complainant in the matter is ZIMRA.

The flamboyant Ginimbi is currently locked up at the Harare Remand Prison where he is sharing the cells with hardened and poor criminals.

Ginimbi showing off the New Bentley on 19 August

Ginimbi will be back in court today for a further bail hearing.

ZIMRA claims Ginimbi tried to undervalue the vehicle when he imported in on an attempt to pay less duty.

The Arrest is a big blow to Ginimbi whose mother died a week ago from cancer.

However, many people believe Ginimbi is being punished in the acrimonious divorce between his aunt, Mary Chiwenga and the Powerful General Chiwenga.