Spotlight Zimbabwe reports that General Chiwenga is now operating from the Chinese built Zimbabwe defense college as JOC has now assumed control.

Spotlight Zimbabwe says Chiwenga is seldom at his Munhumutapa offices, where he goes mainly for official government meetings and engagements, while politically running the country from the defence college.

This is in the wake of intelligence reports that suggest that a hidden third hand is going to foment chaos and militia-like insurrections, leading to unseen bloodshed and destruction of business properties in the central business district.

Spotlight says a minister said he had it on good authority, that the army was already conducting drills to deal with the imminent demonstrations by militia elements and opposition supporters.

– “The National Reaction Force is on standby throughout the whole of 2020 to quell these deadly clashes
–  The (Army) will call on Chiwenga to be interim and transitional president of the transitional authority to avoid Sadc intervention
– Chiwenga has also received endorsement from Russia, who have secured various Platinum Mining Group deals with the ZDF
– Zimbabwe in August signed a deal with Russia to begin Uranium Enrichment
– Mnangagwa has lost the approval of the Chinese

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