The Zimbabwe Independent last week reported that ED Mnangagwa has elevated commanders from his Karanga Tribe to all senior levels in the Security Cluster. These measures are meant to Coup proof his Presidency.

The paper also reported that Mnangagwa made the third major change to the Presidential Guard command structure, removing those seen as being loyal to General Chiwenga.

Lt Colonel Chicha is now the commander of 2 PG Battalion.

A number of low level officers from the Dzivarasekwa based battalion have also been moved to 1PG while those who were at 1PG were transferred to 2PG.

These changes are reportedly meant to dilute the influence of Brigadier General Anselm Sanyatwe who still has a lot of influence there and is seen as a General Chiwenga loyalist.

Members of the military at 2PG who control movement in and out of the Barrack are also now also being regularly shifted.

In addition, Both the ZDF and the AFZ are now under Karangas (Valerio Sibanda and Elson Moyo).

Similarly, the CIO is under the control of Owen Ncube and Isaac Moyo, both from Mnangagwa ‘s Midlands.