Renowned man of God Apostle Chiwenga is back at his old tricks, this time attacking the ruling party Zanu PF . The seasoned Gomba preacher has labelled Zanu PF as stupid at his recent sermon in Harare.

Speaking to his congregants he said given the opportunity Zanu would want everything to be called by its name. Currently on the national television channel it’s all about Zanu PF and nothing more as if there is nothing more to report on.

Laughingly he went on to say even in sport in the near time we will hear about football teams vs Zanu PF.

Chiwenga said Zanu in trying  to cover up for their errors and shody areas which they do not want to be exposed, they are monopolizing the  only station that is available in the nation.

Chiwenga said if an opportunity to choose arises no one would ever choose to be Zimbabwean.