12 January 2020
Emmanuel Makandiwa

Matthew 25 vs. 15

God will not say yes before he sees the ability in you . What we need as a nation is to show God the ability that we have.

Talents were given according to the several attributes in a man.

You are asking God for something; God might say no to you, but could say yes to the ability in you.

Talents are given to abilities. If you need a talent, you need to develop your ability. The King doesn’t not look at you but at your ability.

(vs. 15) The scripture says “…according to his several ability…” So in a person, one ability can manifest in several ways.

If you are interested in getting a talent from God, you have to nurture and cultivate your ability and qualify yourself for the talent. The King is not interested in promoting individuals but in promoting abilities.

When you develop your ability, you discover your talent as it will begin to manifest.

God is never wrong, even if He ignores all your prayers because He doesn’t want to give it to you but to your ability. Let Him hear your ability asking for it.

Within a person, there are two parts in him. There is one part that God communicates to and there is another part that cannot hear the voice of God.

Hearing God is not as difficult as you think it is. What you are lacking is a clear instruction from the Holy Spirit on which next step to take. What you need on your part is an ability to comprehend the voice of God.

You cannot have excellence if you do not have the guidance of an excellent Spirit who is the Holy Spirit. He has to guide and teach you on how you can become excellent.

Cultivate your Spirit and develop your ability to receive talents from God