American based Pastors, Henry and Monic said the Lord told them that he is going to expose many prophets like Java, Bushiri and TB Joshua this year.

Giving a background to the prophecy, Pastor Henry said the Lord spoke to him during the time when Prophet Bushiri was attacking Prophet Java over a death prophecy uttered against him in which Prophet Java later apologized claiming that it was a mistake.

“It was then that the Lord told me that he was exposing many of them this year, they are going to fight each other in 2020 and 2014” he said.

He added that a spirit of confusion has been released among them and their counsil will be nothing.

Pastor Henry said people are being manipulated by these prophets because of ignorance with many buying “annointed” water at Prophet TB Joshua’s church.

“They will tell you that they are not selling the annointed water yet they can’t give it to you for free” he said.

He urged people to wake up and read study the Word to know the truth.