Lily Java, who has been recently taking steps into the limelight has urged people to take note of the words they are entertaining daily for their identity hinges on them.

Sharing her life’s experience, Lily said she grew up hearing so many views about her which she believed and all that came out of her mouth since then were words of disbelief and the ‘i can’t’.

She said people would speak negatively about her and she couldn’t stop them because she lacked confidence.

Lily said “Most people don’t check who is around them and who is speaking in their lives especially young people who are only focusing on the fun.

These words stick on you and that’s the identity you end up carrying every single day because identity it’s based on what you believe in” she said.

Lily added that without the Holy Spirit, people will not be able to handle persecution, they will fail in life and it doesn’t matter the money they have in their bank accounts.