Gladys Chikukura who was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison for a crime she did not commit refused to be freed in the presidential amnesty stating that she found peace in Chikurubi.

Having dropped out of school due to lack of funds, Gladys was forced to move to her boyfriend’s family where she would go for two days without eating anything.

She found a job in the capital where she claims to have met the devil in human form who forced her to work in her farm without paying her.

Gladys added that she quit the job and after three months the police located her with charges of raping her former employer’s fourteen year old son.

“I failed to say anything in court besides crying and i was sentenced to 6 years in prison where I found my peace.

I had never lived such a peaceful life and to me, Chikurubi is my home,” she confessed.