Speaking at the Vimbai Tsvangirai ( Java) memorial service, Nelson Chamisa speaks about Morgan Tsvangirai and the role that Vimbai played in making Tsvangirai represent from following Traditional Healers and turning to Christianity.

Nelson Chamisa continues to explain how close his relationship with Morgan Tsvangirai was.

He speaks about one incident when he traveled with Morghan Tsvangirai To Buhera. Ian Makone called Chamisa and asked him to meet Tsvangirai at his home. He went to Tsvangirai’s house. When he arrived he found some prophets at the house from Tebanacle of Grace. This is where Tsvangirai was prophesysed.

Chamisa said what most people don’t know is that Tsvangirai was saved and was baptised by Guti. This happened after Tsvangirai came from Nigeria. In Nigeria, Tsvangirai was asked to choose between Christianity or Traditional Healers.

Vimbai is the one who made Tsvangirai to get saved.

In the last days of Tsvangirai, Apostle Java told Chamisa that Morgan now wanted to go to Church. Tsvangirai started to confess. He called Chamisa and talked about a lot.

Chamisa ended by telling MDC leaders to stop visiting Traditional Leaders.