Canada Infohub Explains that Life in Canada can be Very Expensive!


Try to live in the outskirts. In the central areas you can spend up to $3000 a  month!

You can also consider renting a basement.

You can live in an affordable city


Childcare is expensive.

One Familiy member will have to stay at home for most new immigrants

You can do shift jobs

Day care is expensive, you can pay up to $1500 per month!

Quebec has the cheapest daycare as it is heavily subsidized.



Car Insurance is very expensive

You need to live in an area near a bus-stop

You can ride a bicycle

In Winter it can be brutal

However, you will need a car. You can not live without a car.

Telephone Bills

Data and Cellphone is more expensive than other countries

Go for the cheaper and more popular ISPs

Dont use the Big 4 telecommunication providers

You can also reduce your usage

You can also go prepaid


Canada is very cold. You will need to heat your house.

Alternative options include wood