In 2010, Morgan Tsvangirai went to visit T. B. JOSHUA in Nigeria. many Zimbabweans know this story but very few know of the rituals that Morgan Tsvangirai had performed before that.

Gambakwe Media Sources have revealed how Morgan Tsvangirai got dragged into the world of rituals by his top leadership team and how everything went wrong.

Our sources say that in 2010, Morgan was granted a one on one consultation with T. B. Joshua. During the consultation he was advised that God had said Morgan would never be Zimbabwe President.

The reason was that he had performed various rituals back in 2003.

In 2003 there was a traditional committee which was established within the mdc party and the committee was lead by Gift Chimanikire by then he was deputy secretary general of Mdc. This comes as a result of Chimanikire advised and convinced the leadership that Morgan Tsvangirai must informs the traditional leaders about his wishes to rule Zimbabwe.As it is required by our traditional norms for one to be king you need to consult by traditional leaders. In Shona we call this kupetera kumasvikiro enyika and the leadership agree to adopt the traditional route.

Gift Chimanikire who happened to be one of the people who used to be possessed by his family spirit medium called Nehoreka he was the DSG, talked to the ancestors who advised that he should do what is called kupetera. This means him and Tsvangira and other party leaders had to visit the four spirit mediums on all four corners of Zimbabwe.

First they went to Mashonland central which happen to be Chimanikire’s rural home and then they were instructed to go to Manicalnd somewhere in Chipinge then Midlands In Gokwe , and then finally in Matabeleland Matobo area at Njelele mountains

Tsvangirai became wildly popular everywhere he went.

The Stick Of Chaminuka

At Njelele, Tsvangirai was given the staff of Chaminuka. However, Susan Tsvangirai took it and threw it away. She said as Christians, they were not supposed to handle traditional items. What angered and prompts Mai Tsvangirai to behave in such manner they were told to go kumasvikiro with one of their girl child such that some rituals could take place in order to make an covenant with spirit mediums for them to reverse mugabe’s powers.

The Bira

The other thing which was Tsvangirai advised by spirit mediums was that he was supposed to go to his rural home in Buhera and have a Bira or ceremony to appease his ancestors for him and his father to make peace as Tsvangirai and his father were not in good books.

Tsvangirai was accusing his father of leaving him and his mother for a second wife and for  relocating the family from Makanda village to Nerutanga area in Buhera were Tsvangirai’s father wanted to fight for Nerupiri chieftain ship.

Traditional Healers

Around 2010, after the T.B. Joshua visit, Tsvangirai had a fight with Susan after he was  advised that he had erred badly and would never be President.

Thw Makone family Ian & Theresa took Tsvangirai to consult traditional healers who told him to kill his father if he want to rule Zimbabwe since his father was stumbling block to Tsvangirai’s successes.

In particular Theresa took Tsvangirai to a lady in Chiweshe and this lady happened to be related to Eliot Manyika a zanu pf political commissar. To do this he was supposed to look for a Cat fish from dam or lake. The cat fish was taken from lake Chiwero by Mr Dewa of Domboshawa who was moving from one traditional healer to another with Theresa and Tsvangirai.

He would then need to perform this rituals by putting 8 needles at the back of the cat fish’s head and throw it in a flowing river. Morgan was naked the whole day and was seen by many staff members.

The catfish was first put at the Stratehaven house swimming pool before it was taken to a river near Chivhu where it was thrown into the river.

How it went wrong

The river in which the catfish was flung is the river next to which Susan had an accident and died.

The Stratehaven pool is where one of Morgan ‘s grandson the son of his son Garikai drowned soon after the burial of Susan Tsvangirai.

At some point Tsvangirai’s first born Edwin was mentally ill. As well the Tsvangirai’s younger brother Kombo loses his mind at times.