Besides her being a media personality or a go getter , once the name MisRed is mentions most of the time her curvy body and beautiful face come s to mind.

Most women even dream of a body like Samantha Musa’s.However , the radio diva has come forward to tell her story concerning that.

Misred said that body shaming has been a pretty real thing for her for years and being told that she is not tall enough, not slim enough, not light enough and just never being enough of everything.

She also said that she had to kill that ear that accepted what people told me was wrong about her and begin to love what she knew in her heart was good.

It was great Misred to bring such an issue as Zimbabwean youths lack confidence and identity crisis from body image perceptions.

Misred is always motivating the youths and encouraging them to take back their power and own their thrones.