In a shocking development, Senior employees at South Africa’s weapons manufacturer, DENEL, leaked top secret missile technology to Saudi Arabia in exchange for jobs in Saudi Arabia. This was reported by City Press on Sunday.

Mkhonto Missile

The employees: Former CEO, Johan Steyn, Current CEO Sello Ntsihlele, Johan Schoeman, Christine Slabbert (CFO), Jan Wessels and Petrus Mentz attended a meeting with Saudi Arabia Military Industries (SAMI) at Denel Dynamics in Pretoria in 2018.

Mokopa Missile

SAMI officals stayed longer than officialy agreed and were given access to the network through network points. It was through this access that huge volumes of classified design information of the SA Missile program was transferred to SAMI.

Ingwe Missile

South Africa has one of the most advanced Missile programs in the world. Missile designs that were compromised include: Ingwe, Mokopa and Mkhonto

South African Government Officials only got to know about the thefts after a whistle blower came forward.

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