MDC-A MPs Abscond The 2020 Budget Presentation

Temba Mliswa has pleaded with the Speaker of Parliament to punish MDC MPs for the hypocrisy and inconsistencies of absconding the 2020 budget presentation.

Mliswa said they attended the luxurious Victoria Falls budget planning, now they are absconding an important day.

MDC lawmakers have maintained that Nelson Chamisa won the elections and Emmerson Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader therefore listening to him in parliament is an act that legitimise his rule.

Ealier on today, Mliswa castigated MDC MPs saying “Opposition councilors are in attendance and stand up when addressed by Mnangagwa so why should there be a difference with the MPs.

Such a strategy is unnecessary and antagonistic as it pushes the Speaker to the edge and it will only work against MDC and Chamisa.

However the Speaker who earlier today lifted the ban on MDC MPs to ask questions to Mnangagwa’s appointees said punishment is definitely coming for the these MPs, enough is enough” he said.