Popular Zimbabwean comedian and television Actor in the ZBC TV series Gringo, continues with his weekly discussions with Gambakwe Media.

He explains that he was coming back from his home area and suddenly felt sick.

He went to various doctors for scans and x-rays and the money required for deposit was $12 000 which was paid for by well-wishers.

Fear of Operations

Boora explains how he was afraid of going to go into theater but was re-assured by a friend who had undergone a procedure.

What was the problem?

Boora says he had gone for a number of days without eating. He says his intestines were swollen and were knotted. He was only allowed to eat ice-blocks after the blockage had been cleared.

Experience in Hospital

Boora says he asked to be moved to a general ward because he was initially in intensive care. Boora says he had never felt so much pain.


Boora says he received a lot of assistance from all over Zimbabwe. he thanked Pokello for assistance and also thanked Nelson Chamisa and first lady Mai Mnangagwa for visiting. He encouraged artists in Zimbabwe to be apolitical.

He appreciates everyone who sent him Ecocash, even those who sent $1


Boora says he learnt that everyone is important. He is planning to approach Mr Chihombori to make a play to thank Zimbabweans.