In the eve of the planned Mabvuku rally, the ZRP notified that the scheduled event had been banned on grounds of failure to meet the prerequisites of the Public Order and Security Act.

The party Secretary General Charton Hwende posted the letter on twitter and only regretted the fact the country is under a fascist regime.

The question posed by everyone is “Why do the MDC still seek permission to exercise their constitutional right

Prominent youthful figure in the MDC Gift Ostallos said “The country is run by fascists who disregard the law and we must treat them as such. When oppression becomes law, resistance becomes duty!

The MDC talks about the government being fascist. However, it doesn’t resist the fascists acts. It seeks permission to exercise their constitutional right.

Nelson Chamisa didn’t give response on the ban. He is silent. The Zanu Pf Varakashi community is already distributing information that the rally is not going to be held.

Chamisa is leading a movement to comply with everything imposed by the police.

If the MDC does not hold the Mabvuku rally today, my conclusion will be that Chamisa is too soft and weak to lead a vibrant opposition.