The Magistrate in charge of a case involving human rights activist Doug Coltart and ARTUZ’s today urged the Prosecutor to give her witnesses a copy of the constitution and to do some soul searching about the charges viz a viz the constitution.

Coltart is facing charges of public nuisance for filming the arrest of his clients (ARTUZ) by police.

He said “Today i stand trial for doing my job, providing legal representation to my clients (now co-accused) who are also on trial for doing their job.

Peacefully standing up for teachers who cannot survive on their salaries of less than US$40 a month,” he said.

Coltart added that the magistrate has postponed their trial to 2 December, 2019 as the State is not ready.

Commenting on the same issue, David Coltart said “I am exceptionally proud of my son who has bravely represented teachers and doctors this year, facing persecution from a brutal regime” he said.