ED Mnangagwa vows to rescue Harare residents from the water crisis because the MDC has failed

Emmerson Mnangagwa toured the Morton Jeffrey Waterworks, a move targeted towards revamping the plant amid continued Harare water woes.

Spokesperson to Mnangagwa, George Charamba said the tour was for Mnangagwa to familiarize with the Morton Jeffrey Waterworks.

“President Mnangagwa on familiarization tour on Morton Jeffrey Waterworks as Harare City has been in throes of water supply constraints for a long time.

Apart from plumbing and delivery challenges, the city water source faces a stiff problem of purifying raw water,” he said.

He attended the tour with a number of his cabinet members, different technical teams and suppliers.

He added that government moves in to ensure a comprehensive intervention involving multiple stakeholders and players for a synchronized solution.