Admire Kazhangaira aka Bhutisi has shown another side of him in this new humorous skit called Miss Kuda-Zvinhu.

The Miss Kuda-Zvinhu skit potrays how girls have become to be this kind of desperate individuals who throw themselves to men because of finer things in life.

Bhutisi asks for help to get directions to the service station to this beautiful young woman.The young woman is quick to end her journey offering to take him there.

Bhutisi is suprised on why a beautiful girl like her will change her direction just to help him to go the service station to have his wheels fixed.

After the girl talks to her boyfriend who she is even rude to , she gets the shock of her life when the owner of the luxurious car comes and drives off.

This leaves her , Bhutisi and his self-pull cart in the middle of the road.She gets very furious and feel played though she is the one who had led herself into believing that Bhutisi owns the car.