Naiza Boom Comedy Unveils New Series Chipo The Trouble Causer

Naiza Boom Comedy has produced a number of successful series which include , Tete Nemuroora , Chipo The Maid and many more with more than 20 000 views on YouTube

This week it unveiled a very promising comedy series called Chipo The Trouble Causer.It stars Chipo , her elder sister Tindo and their grandmother.

It takes us back to old times as it gives us Sabhuku Vharazipi or Fidelis movies kind of vibes because of the village setup and also the talented acts.

The character of Chipo portrays that one girl someone can like and hate at the same time because of her behavior.She is also that girl that insists on something and never stop until they get.

Unlike her sister Tindo , Chipo is that best friend you need in terms of telling you all the gossip around the area you live because she always have some tea to spill.

Tindo is getting fed up on love since her sister is doing everything bad to tarnish her name to their love interest whose name is Jonso.