The Shampompo King is always on top of his game but this time around he has turned beautiful powerhouse women against each other.

Genius Kandungure is the center of attention right now after his allegedly love triangle with Luminitsa Jemwa , Zodwa Mkandla and Danielle.

This drama comes after a very long passage circulated on social media which was allegedly from Luminitsa to Zodwa Mkandla.

Luminista Jemwa the sports talent manager was giving Madam Zodwa a piece of her mind regarding her kind of relationship with Genius.

She accused the Madam of spreading lies about her life and lifestyle.She even told Zodwa how she was almost her daughter’ age.

In the lengthy passage , Zodwa was exposed and all her dirty laundry was aired the public.

However rumours are saying Lumi is too classy to be doing such and it could have been anyone who wanted to expose her.