Zuva Habane is one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business who can be called a jack of all trades.

The queen launched her summer collection for plus sized women from her clothing line this morning.The collection consisted of beautiful colourful dresses.

She is one of the business who have done the successful Kardashian way of lanching and selling online.In less than 6 hours some of the designs were already sold out.

Zuva said she focuses on plus size woman because the market does not really favour them.With the clothes she sells , plus size women get to wear not just fitting clothes but also beautiful and stylish clothes.

She also sells Yoni eggs and steam for women which are said to help with fertility and reduce fibroids.Zuva said this business is the one that led her to try and expand other types of businesses.

Zuva Habane , the business mogul is also a Master of Ceremony for parties and business events where she also does motivational speaking.