So many have questioned the origin of the anointing upon the life of the man of God and his calling, Here are some of the things that happened as confirmation into the ministry.

1. He prayed and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

2.For three days he was in a transe, he saw a hand that immersed a bible into his heart and his heart was completely covered by the word of God.

3.Whilst in the transe he saw the apostole that went before him, apostle Paul, Peter and many others.

4.He also saw one tall man with a glittering face,his face he could not see clearly because of extreme light, he believes it was Jesus
He was given a small cross and a bible and was asked to lead God’s people. A bigger crown was promised,if he succeeded.

5.He started ministry with eight people in Agodo Nigeria in a1989, that’s when he built the first structure of SCOAN.

6.He walked around everywhere preaching the gospel for he has no vehicle.

7.The second structure he erected was completely destroyed because of a violent thunderstorm.

8.Held his first crusade in 1992 at the age of 29.

9.The church is called the Synagogue Church of All Nations because God gave a vision to TB Joshua ministering to nation’s.

10.At the age of 32, he cleaned the toilets and sewer of the church for 3 years,whilst at the same time he was overseer.

Nothing happens by chance. Such is the story of TB Joshua.

Glory be to God