Amid Ngirozi Compliments From Olinda Chapel , Stunner Exposes Tytan’s Lies.

After a nasty divorce on social media , Olinda Chapel and Stunner have gone back into each other’s arms on social media to expose Tytan.

Yesterday , social media went crazy after the reunion of Olinda and Stunner.Olinda made a post saying Stunner was an angel.

Stunner responded to the post by a positive reply by posting a photo of himself with a caption , “Baba was very a nice man”.

Tazoita Cash Records boss also went on to expose Tytan’s lies over being a domestic violence victim to the UK police when he was actually the one who beat his ex wife.

Tytan was Stunner’s friend before he went on his back and used a song he had featured in the video to lure Olinda into a relationship.

Olinda Chapel has claimed for the past months that ex husband Tytan is making her life hell in the name of a UK visa