Since we have known her in 2016 , no one can deny that Olinda is the queen of cameras , facebook posts , and instagram lives where she brings drama and hot topics.

Olinda has added another new baby on other many things she is known for.Olinda announced her new talk show which is named after her.

The Olinda Chapel Talk Show will be airing every Thursday Night.The show will focus more on celebrating women around the world.

Olinda promised viewers to watch success stories about women in societies and how they have managed to conquer in life.

Seeing a strong woman like Olinda Chapel who have been through it all , publicly giving women a positive platform to share their stories makes viewers to look forward to it.

Olinda is the director for a UK based company Gain Health , owns Olinda Chapel MakeUp , started Olinda Chapel Foundation to help women in Zimbabwe and is the leading lady for High Tea events.