Proceedings at the Funeral of Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani who was tortured to death by ZRP

In attendance was the President of the opposition party MDC-A Nelson Chamisa, Vice President Lynette Karenyi , Job Sikhala, MDC Youths, amongst many others singing “Toifamba seyi nyika ine Zanu Inoponda Pfugama Unamate,”.

The father of the deceased gave an account of what Tafadzwa went through after having been tortured in police custody.

He said “Tafadzwa was beaten badly and they only took him to a clinic after six days when most of his vital organs had already shut down.

He was shivering due to the infection and his body could not take any food, thats when they took him to a clinic not a hospital so nobody tell me that they didnt set out to kill my son,” he said.

Chamisa denounced the deteriorating human rights in Zimbabwe and the atrocities being committed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Administration.

He added that the responsible authorities were supposed to attend the funeral and apologise for their actions.