The President’s Spokesperson Mr Charamba through his alleged twitter handle has made a long thread of allegations towards the Nelson Chamisa, Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere association.

The MDC leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa is reported to be considering working with Saviour Kasukuwere in a bid to topple ED Mnangagwa.

Information posted reveal that Chamisa has left for South Africa where he says he is going to have high level meetings with ANC leaders.

He also highlighted that ED Mnangagwa had invited him to the anti sanctions march but as expected he is going to snub it as he believes that the answer to Zimbabwe’s woes is a Transitional National Authority.

Chamisa is also said to have highlighted his support for an election sabbath but felt that seven years is a long period and would work to ED Mnangagwa’s advantage by giving him a free reign period.

Chamisa is meeting Kasukuwere as they work out a grand plan coordinated by the exiled former minister Jonathan Moyo. Jonathan Moyo feels that his time in exile might be shortlived since the Kenyan government is reported to be planning to gag him.