Douglas Mwonzora Exposes Nelson Chamisa

Douglas Mwonzora yesterday sat with tee Thokozani Khuphe throughout constitutional court case in Harare.

He at times laughed visibly as Adv Thabani Mpofu failed to answer the ConCourt Judges Questions.

This must have felt like the worst form of backstabbing to Nelson Chamisa as he watched his secret strategy being leaked to the opposition by someone who has been allowed to freely move around in the party for the past 2 years.

The MDC is now part of the Problem

One of the biggest weaknesses of the opposition in Zimbabwe is the failure to honestly evaluate the weaknesses of Nelson Chamisa.

As I explained before, Chamisa and his leadership team have various process, structure, governance and Strategy weaknesses.

This arises mainly because:

Chamisa is not an experienced administrator.
– He has never managed a big organization before.
– He has never built a high performing team before
– He has never worked outside Zimbabwe
– He has only ever been exposed to one type of industry and process – law
– He is no trained in leadership

So under Chamisa, high performing individuals will get sidelined by people who can play the game.

The court is likely to dismiss the MDC Appeal and throw the MDC into chaos. This will mark the beginning of even more conflict within the MDC.

The internal focused MDC is therefore delaying the coming of change in Zimbabwe.