The court case between Nelson Chamisa and the pressure group led by Gokwe man Elias Mashavire has kicked off today at the Constitutional Court.

The high court had ruled in May 2019 in favour of the pressure group and illegitimatised Nelson Chamisa’s presidency.

The MDC appealed to get the judgement overturned and the court hearing has proceeded today.

The MDC lawyers led by Advocate Thabani Mpofu argues that the National Council as per the constitution has executive powers to appoint an interim President therefore making Nelson Chamisa’s appointment legal.

Professor Madhuku also argued that the meeting was not valid since it was called for by an interested or conflicted party that is Nelson Chamisa. Advocate Thabani argued this by saying that it is Morgan Komichi that called for the meeting and it was chaired by the sitting Secretary General at the time.