Zimbabwean Women Declare #BlackWednesday due to Increased Deaths In Labour

Zimbabwean women have joined the #BlackWednesday at Parirenyatwa in protest of continuous loss of lives in labour and deteriorating public health services.

Recent reports show an increase in death of women and new born babies during labour due to the on-going doctors strikes, negligence, amongst other causes.

In an article recently published, a woman and her newly born baby died at Parirenyatwa hospital after nurses reportedly ignored her call for help.

An organisation called Women and Law in Southern Africa-Zimbabwe has joined women participating in the movement against deteriorating public health services.

“Today we join #Black Wednesday at Parirenyatwa as women express anger over continuous loss of lives in labour.

Public health services are deteriorating and women are at the receiving end,” said the organisation.

The organisation urged the government to to prioritize health sector as committed in the TSP document.